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Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings

Our May Zoom topics have something for everyone and are full of interesting topics that can assist you in your everyday life.  We encourage you to sign up for all that piques your interest.  Bring a friend or spouse!  Sighted or not!! If you see a topic (or all) that you are interested in, be sure to contact the office via email or phone at 503-668-6195 to say you are attending.  Sometimes we will send out “supplies” for classes and we need plenty of time to get items to you.  Also, when attending, remember to log on 5-15 minutes early as we close the class 5 minutes after it starts.

May Zoom schedule:

Tuesday      5/4/21     10am-11am
American Council of the Blind of Oregon – What is it, what does it do, and should I join?

Tuesday      5/4/21     1pm-2pm    
Anger, denial, depression, acceptance – you are not alone.

Wednesday      5/5/21     10am-11am
YouTube & Sight Loss – How to find videos you are interested in.

Wednesday      5/5/21      1pm-2pm

                 Oregon Commission for the Blind – What services do they provide?

Thursday    5/6/21     10am-11am
Group Chat- RP Sight/Hearing Loss

Thursday   5/6/21   1pm-2pm                 Group Chat- Favorite Poems and Poets

Tuesday      5/11/21   10am-11:30am
“Reading in the Dark” Book Club      

Tuesday      5/11/21   1pm-2pm   
“Oh my Aching Back”

Wednesday      5/12/21   10am-11am
Talking Books Program

Wednesday      5/12/21   1pm-2pm
Notes & Voice Notes- Tips & Tricks

Thursday     5/13/21   10am-11am                          Group Chat- Macular Degeneration

Thursday    5/13/21   1pm-2pm    
Group Chat – Pivotal People in Our Lives

Tuesday      5/18/21   10am-11am
Hull Park Day Adventures Possibilities

Tuesday      5/18/21   1pm-2pm
The Artist in You

Wednesday      5/19/21   10am-11am
Build a first aid kit & more with PenFriend

Wednesday      5/19/21   1pm-2pm
Close Circuit TV – What is it and will it work for me?

Thursday    5/20/21   1pm-2pm    
Group Chat – Our go-to comfort foods

Tuesday   5/25/21      10am-11:30am
“Reading in the Dark” Book Club      

Tuesday      5/25/21   1pm-2pm    
Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition

Wednesday      5/26/21   10am-11am
Hosting Friends at Home

Wednesday      5/26/21   1pm-2pm

Apps to Help you Get Around Town

Thursday   5/27/21   1pm-2pm

Group Chat- How do you Cope with Stress?

Remember to keep in mind that you will need to contact our office to confirm which (or all) meetings you want to attend. The Zoom meeting will be closed at 5 minutes after the meeting starts.