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To Attend Any Events Please Call The Office


April Zoom schedule:

Tuesday 4/6/21     10am-11am
Android Phone- class 4

Tuesday 4/6/21     1pm-2pm    
Fiber Arts- Modified for Sight Loss

Wednesday 4/7/21     10am-11am
Hospital, Skilled Nursing, and Rehab Stays

Wednesday 4/7/21 1pm-2pm               Smart TVs- How Smart are They?

Thursday    4/8/21     10am-11am
Group Chat- RP Sight/Hearing Loss

Thursday 4/8/21 1pm-2pm                Group Chat- Poetry can Soothe the Savage Beast!

Tuesday 4/13/21   10am-11:30am
“Reading in the Dark” Book Club      

Tuesday 4/13/21   1pm-2pm   
Pet Care- Dogs, Cats, Chickens, and Rocks!

Wednesday 4/14/21   10am-11am
iPhone Tips and Tricks- class 1

Wednesday 4/14/21   1pm-2pm    
When you Can Do it Yourself- Basic Household Repairs and When to Call a Specialist

Thursday     4/15/21 10am-11am                       Group Chat- Macular Degeneration

Thursday    4/15/21   1pm-2pm    
Group Chat – A Favorite Memory as a Kid

Tuesday 4/20/21   10am-11am
First Aid- Burns, Scrapes, and Falls 

Tuesday 4/20/21   1pm-2pm
The Artist in You- Ways to Maintain your Art and Crafting

Wednesday 4/21/21   10am-11am
Be My Eyes, Seeing AI, and other Assistance Programs

Wednesday 4/21/21   1pm-2pm    
iPhone Tips and Tricks- class 2

Thursday    4/22/21   1pm-2pm    
Group Chat – What’s your Secret to Staying Active?

Tuesday 4/27/21   10am-11:30am
“Reading in the Dark” Book Club      

Tuesday 4/27/21   1pm-2pm    
Facial Vision and Ecolocation

Wednesday 4/28/21   10am-11am
iPhone Tips and Tricks- class 3

Wednesday 4/28/21   1pm-2pm               Grow your Own Veggies and Flowers

Thursday 4/29/21   1pm-2pm
Group Chat- Special Celebrations

Remember to keep in mind that you will need to contact our office to confirm which (or all) meetings you want to attend. The Zoom meeting will be closed at 5 minutes after the meeting starts.