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Events in January 2022

  • Group Chat, 2021 Memories.  Share your good, funny, challenging and memorable 2021 memories with us!
  • Reading in the Dark Book Club.
  • Emergency Preparedness for those with low vision. 
    How are you Doing and How are you Dealing?  Let’s talk about “YOU”.
  • Group Chat:  Ask a Sight Loss Instructor and learn about upcoming events at the Hull Foundation.
  • HeartMath: The Quick Coherence Technique.
  • Tech Gadget Q&A plus information about upcoming tech workshops.
  • Tips and tricks for hearing aids use with sight loss.
  • Reading in the Dark Book Club.
    The Difference in Smart Speakers – What they can and can not do. It can be confusing but we are here to sort out the differences.
  • How Do You Eat an Elephant?  How to get what you want and need.
    All About Bookshare – Bookshare makes reading easier for people with blindness.  You can customize your experience to suit any
  • Group Chat: Preparing for Valentine’s Day. Great ideas to share this day with friends, family, loved ones or just YOU!
    How are Doing and How are you Dealing?  Open mic! You determine the topic(s).